Hi Randy, I sure love the new Harp Attack. I had been using the Harp Tone+ whenever I had time to be in Cyndi Lauper's band, but recently I joined her in Boston for a show and got to use the Harp Attack and it was a BIG HIT, to... Read More

Charlie Musselwhite

Hi Randy, the Harp Delay arrived Friday and I gigged with it yesterday and loved it, huge improvement on my Maxon AD90, much warmer.

Ian Collard

Regarding the Harp break... How can you not like that

Jason Ricci

I've had a 1955 Fender Bassman for a long time, but I rarely use it because the mic I use it with--a Shure PE5 vocal mic from the early 1980s--doesn't drive it hard enough, at a reasonable volume level, to give me the overdrive sound that I need. The Harp... Read More

Adam Gussow

I have a great amp, and great mic, great tone, but I still wanted to beef up my electric tone for playing with bands, so I ordered Randy Landry's Harp Attack. I used it last night as I rehearsed the Jon Gindick Band. Already I can tell the Harp Attack... Read More

Jon Gindick

The Lone Wolf Delay pedals are really nice organic and warm sounding delay pedals that do not change the tone of your dry sound. I've got the V2 which I like using, especially with smaller amps.

Carlos del Junco

Randy at Lone Wolf Blues Co has done it again! Dialing up your killer harp tone on any size amp just got a whole lot easier with the new Harp Shield pedal, keep the tone, kill the feedback and keep up with your guitar players volume, you are going to love this pedal as much as I do. Thanks again Randy!

Johnny Sansone

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