Technical Information Blog

  • Estimated Battery Life

    A list showing the actual current draw of each pedal and the expected battery life of 2 popular battery types.
  • 5 Popular Effects, Their Function and Placement

  • An Introduction to Studio WorK

    In this article, I’ll provide insights gleaned from my work as a studio harmonica player in Los Angeles, the recording capital of the world.
  • New to harmonica pedals? Try these! - Lone Wolf Blues Company Pedal Review, By: Jonah Fox

  • Amplifier Sag, What Is It?

    Sag occurs when there is a sudden drop in power supply voltage due to the sudden increase in current draw resulting from a hard attack on a note.
  • Our Products

    A brief rundown on our products, their function and where to place them in your chain.
  • Setting Your Levels

    Simple process to set the levels on your pedals.
  • Troubleshooting Your Pedalboard

    How to isolate a problem with your pedal board, it's easier than you think.
  • Harmonica Effect Pedals 101

    What the heck is this thing?
  • Microphones and your pedals

    The first thing to note is that pedals (and processors) are designed for a certain level at the input. A proper input level is extremely important ...
  • Preamp gain and feedback

    Excessive preamp gain is the bane of the amplified harp player, as excessive preamp gain will in all cases increase feedback. Guitar amps are desig...
  • Pads and how they help fight feedback

    In the electronics world, a “pad” is a circuit that lowers the amplitude of a signal while providing a fixed impedance, or load, in both directions...

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