1. The pedal is using battery life whenever a cable is plugged into the "IN" jack and a power adapter is not being used.

2. The LED light is a bypass indicator, when the LED is OFF the pedal is in bypass. It is not a power ON/OFF indicator.

3. All LWBC pedals are designed for a microphone level input, thus the pedal will only perform correctly if the microphone volume is all the way up.

4 Signal level effects pedal operation. If the signal is amplified (like when using a clean boost) before hitting a pedal, the effect will react differently; for instance the amount of repeats will increase in a delay pedal, the amount of distortion will increase in the Break and Attack pedals. Excessive boost can result in solid state distortion. If the signal is too low then the effects pedal will not have as much effect.

5. When setting up your pedal chain, set the VOLUME controls so that there is little or no increase in volume between the bypass and "effect on" operating states. A small amount of volume increase is acceptable for solos.

6. Always use the correct power adapter. A power adapter in excess of 18 volts DC or one that provides an AC output will definitely destroy components inside the pedal.

7. When you receive your new pedal, spend time working with it by itself until you are very familiar with it before installing it into a chain with other effects.

8. When a pedal has both a DRIVE and a VOLUME control, set the DRIVE to the distortion level that you desire, and then turn down the VOLUME control so that you have little or no increase in volume when the pedal is taken in and out of bypass.


1. Feedback – If you have an increase in amplifier feedback, make sure you do not have excessive gain in one of your pedals as compared to bypass. Try reducing the VOLUME level on the last pedal in your chain.

2. Delay squeals – This problem occurs when the battery voltage is low; install a new battery.

3. No audio or LED does not light – Verify that the cables are plugged in all the way; the jacks are very tight, so push firmly. Cables with ¼" stereo (TRS) connectors will not work; they must be ¼" mono (TS) connectors.

4. Audio only in bypass – Verify that the microphone is plugged into the "IN" jack and the "OUT" goes to the amplifier.

5. Pedal has a hum – This can be caused by insufficiently-filtered power adapters; use only recommended power adapters.

6. Harp Attack does not work – Be sure that an 18v power adapter is being used, the pedal will not work on a 9v power adapter.

7. Intermittent loss of audio - Check each cable carefully, this is usually a cable problem, wiggle the cable, try another cable.

8. Intermittent issue - Check each pedal separately, outside of the chain by itself, wiggle the cables, tap on the pedal, hit the foot switch several times. You can be rough with my pedals they are built tough. 

9. Call us at 985-956-7022 for further assistance.

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