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The preferred choice of Charlie Musselwhite when he cannot bring his amp, the Harp Attack is a very popular pedal for the tube distortion that harp players love. The tone is provided by a sub-miniature tube providing rich harmonics and smooth tube overdrive.

The Harp Attack is designed to provide true power tube distortion in a pedal. This pedal is not your typical tube preamp that uses a triode; this pedal uses a subminiature beam power tube, which is the same type tube as a 6V6 or a 6L6 to provide the tone of an overdriven tube amp. It produces a fat punchy tone that can be set with the exact amount of overdrive desired. You can certainly tell there is a tube inside of this pedal. The pedal is designed with a high impedance input buffer providing 1M ohms of resistance to get the best tone from your crystal, CM, or other high impedance microphones. The pedal features a DRIVE control to set the amount of power tube saturation desired, an active tone control with a 20dB range that is tuned for harp frequencies, and an output VOLUME control to set the output level. 

The Harp Attack fills several needs of harp players. For instance, it provides true power tube overdrive distortion in a pedal, it allows you to plug straight into a PA and get an over-driven 6V6 sound or dirty-up an amp that is otherwise too clean. The Harp Attack gives an excellent tube sound to a solid state amp, and it makes a great, easy to bring-along, back-up harp amp. The pedal does not produce massive distortion, but a smooth over-driven tone.

Please be aware that the subminiature tube, like all tubes, can be microphonic and make a ringing noise when the bypass buttons are hit, any noise should be of low volume and subside quickly. Because this pedal is intended to be an "always on" pedal, this issue is not a factor when performing.

The Harp Attack operates with two 9 volt batteries or one 18vdc power adapter. The DC adapter requirements are a regulated 18vdc with a minimum 100mA output and a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector with a negative center. Current draw is 41ma. The battery is switched OFF when an external power supply is used, and the "IN" jack acts as the pedal ON/OFF switch. Battery life is estimated at 15 hours of playing time. Power adapter is sold separately.


  1. DRIVE control
  2. TONE control
  3. VOLUME control
  4. Actual power tube distortion
  5. 18V DC input (barrel with a negative center)
  6. True bypass with LED indicator
  7. High impedance input
  8. Reverse polarity protection
  9. 10 year warranty on parts and labor
  10. If not satisfied, return within 60 days for a refund

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Bill H.
United States United States

Not quite the bang/buck ratio the end used was looking for

I could tell it was a quality piece of equipment. just not what the end user war looking for.

merco f.
United States United States

Who Doo Phyllis

This was a nice addition to my peddle board, with my Bassman 410. It preformed as advertised.

Paul M.
United States United States

Harp Attack

Just getting started

Bob R.
United States United States

Sounding Good!

I tried out the Harp Attack pedal on an impromtu gig. I ran my harp through the pedal into a Roland Micro Cube at a small gathering. It added a sweet level of grit and fullness to my sound. The pedal is a nice, portable tool to add to my tone while still hauling around guitars and keyboards. Big sound in a little package.

Steve M.
United States United States

The real deal

Out of curiosity I’ve bought just about every pedal for harmonica out there Including everything from lone wolf blues company and I’m a huge fan of the company and what they’ve brought to the harmonica community But I have to honestly say that if you want just one pedal this is the one to get It’s got the crunch and grit that we all desire Treat yourself to a harp shield so you can play on a cramped stage and you will definitely perk up people’s ears when you play Great pedal It’s been so refreshing to find a company like lone wolf blues company that understands what players need They’ve completely taken the amp out of the equation you can get everything you desire by blending their pedals together to get a bunch of different tonal colors you desire Well done!!

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