Mojo Pad Deluxe
Mojo Pad Deluxe
Mojo Pad Deluxe
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Mojo Pad Deluxe

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Instantly tame the feedback monster. Tube swaps are a thing of the past with the Mojo Pad Deluxe. Two attenuation settings provide the right amount of attenuation for any microphone and amplifier combination, plus a Normal/Dark switch for a normal or a darker tone. Works great with any guitar amp. This pedal is passive, no power required.

The Mojo Pad Deluxe greatly reduces feedback with any amplifier utilizing a high gain preamp design; basically, any and all guitar amps. The Mojo Pad Deluxe works by counteracting the high gain in the preamp of the amplifier by padding down the signal before it enters the amp. This allows the amplifier to achieve greater volume and opens up the tone control settings on the amp for a greater range of operation. The Mojo Pad Deluxe is bi-directional; it does not have a designated IN and OUT and it does not need power. The Mojo Pad is to be installed as the last device before your signal enters the amplifier. It has a 1 megohm input impedance, which is great for all high impedance microphones, especially those with crystal elements.

The Mojo Pad Deluxe is switchable between 20db and 10db making it a great match for any microphone and amplifier combination. The Mojo Pad Deluxe also features a Normal/Dark switch. The Normal setting allows for a balanced attenuation from low to high frequency while the Dark setting lightly trims the high frequencies more than the low frequencies.

Remember the Mojo Pad Deluxe is intended for amplifiers with high gain preamps; these amplifiers typically have 12AX7 tubes at the input. The Mojo Pad Deluxe also works with any solid state amp. With the Mojo Pad, there is no need for tube swapping.

The Mojo Pad Deluxe is not recommended for harmonica specific amplifiers, meaning amplifiers built for use with harmonica and microphone or amplifiers whose preamp tubes have been replaced with low gain preamp tubes.


  1. Greatly reduces or eliminates feedback
  2. TWO attenuation settings
  3. Normal/Dark switch
  4. IN and OUT reversible
  5. No power required
  6. More volume from your amp
  7. Amplifier tone controls will have improved range
  8. 1 megohm high impedance input
  9. 5-year warranty on parts and labor
  10. If not satisfied, return within 60 days for a refund
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Jon H.
United States United States

Solved my problems

The Mojo Pad showed promise in rehearsals, but I wanted to see how it performed under stage/gig conditions before writing a review. I’m happy to say that it worked quite well. My main mic is a Shaker Dynamic. With the Mojo Pad on the 10db setting, I was able to dial in a good tone through my Peavey C30 with stock 12AX7 preamp tubes, setting the amp so that with the mic full on I was just under the feedback threshold. Backing off a couple of clicks cleaned things up for ensemble parts and for playing under the singer. When I turned up all the way for solos, I had good tone with plenty of dirt with the preamp and master volume settings on the amp at 6 and 4.5 (C30s go to 12). I kept the switch on the Normal setting as I like some cut to the tone and the Shaker is already kind of “brown.” For once I had plenty of volume onstage and could hear myself without having to have tons of harp in the monitors. It made a huge difference in my onstage experience. My previous show without the Pad had me fighting feedback all night and not being able to hear my amp onstage. I tried the Pad out at home with a hotter mic and found that it worked as advertised. On the 20db setting, the Pad tamed my Shure 520D, which used to start squealing long before I could get any useful decibels out of the amp. I also tried an old, cheap, dynamic stick mic rated at 600 ohms, running an impedance transformer into the Pad and then the amp, and was able to get a lot more volume out of the amp (and thus a better tone) before feedback, making that mic a useful option again for me as well. All in all, I'd say this is a very useful item, especially for players who frequent jam sessions where they have to plug into guitar amps.

Steven M.
United States United States

Bait your switch

First things first I love the versatility of this device in order to make this device work you first I’ll have to bait it with your mic and then decide what kind of music you will play are usually keep mine on normal and 100 B seems to work well for me. It is however fun to switch it around. it’s nice to experiment with different mics I also have to say that I have two of these, so that’ll speak for itself.

Michael W.
Iceland Iceland

Mojo Pad Deluxe

I love it! I use a Green Bullet mic on an Orange Micro Terror. Now I can crank up the gain.

Matthew R.
United States United States

Great little tool.

If you're having a feedback problem, try this out.

Edward R.
United States United States

Definitely recommend this product

This product is awesome, it totally tame my fender, blues, junior guitar amp so I could play my harmonica through it

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