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Clean boost with sparkle that cuts, great for solo's and additional drive. Designed for Jason Ricci, this is an effect every pedal board should have. This pedal requires a power adapter that is sold separately. 

The Clean Cat is the second pedal in a line of signature pedals built for Jason Ricci, who of course, requires no introduction. Jason urged Lone Wolf to design a clean boost pedal with the range needed to suit the modern harp player, one that does not color or distort and can add the drive desired for solo's that will enhance a performance. The Clean Cat does just this and shines while doing it.

Turning the control clockwise increases gain and counterclockwise lowers gain.

The DC adapter requirements are a regulated 9V DC with a minimum 100mA output and a 2.1mm x 5.5mm connector with a negative center. The "IN" jack acts as the pedal ON/OFF switch. This pedal does not have a battery option. Power adapters are sold separately.


  1. Boost control
  2. Clean, non distorted gain
  3. Unaltered tone
  4. True bypass foot switch
  5. 9V DC input (barrel a with negative center)
  6. High impedance buffered input
  7. Bypass ON/OFF LEDs
  8. Reverse voltage polarity protection
  9. 10 year warranty on parts and labor
  10. If not satisfied, return within 60 days for a refund
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Charlie M.
United States United States

The Missing Link!!!!!

Because of hearing loss issues and doctor's orders, I had to set aside my harp amps (Sonny Jr. Cruncher; HG Double Trouble, etc.), send the harp signal direct-to-mixer, and monitor via JH custom IEMs. Turns out the Clean Cat was the missing link in my signal chain. The sound I'm getting through the PA (and monitored through IEM) is now dialed in beautifully. Way to go, Lone Wolf, you've done it again! Signal chain: Jason Ricci Sig Mic (or a Gary Onofrio one-off mic) --> Boss WL50 (wireless transmitter-receiver) --> LW Clean Cat (boost) --> LW Boogieman (Tone-Delay-Crunch) --> LW Reverb --> Midas MR-18 mixer.

michael M.
United States United States


Quick delivery Perfect condition Love my gear !

Paul S.
United States United States

Another great harp pedal

Fantastic customer service from Randy. Ordered the wrong pedal my mistake, Randy sent me the one I wanted with a return slip for the other one. Great addition to my board!

Chad W.
United States United States

Sweet pedal

This thing is awesome. You can run it solo and get a very nice effect, from a slight boost to a strong crunch. I’m using it before my Harp Break, same as JR, and it jumps everything up as much as you want when you step on it. Like all the Lone Wolf pedals, I really like how friendly and adjustable it is for harmonica, without being able to go too far. It does boost everything in your chain so if you have it set too high with all your other pedals already maxed out you’ll be in feedback city. But using it solo, or for a moderate boost is great. I’ll never let this one go!

Lenny C.
United States United States

Clean Cat

Love this pedal I use it after the Harp Octave. The HO gives it a nice crunch and the Cat articulates the notes, don't really know how to explain it other than to use the term everyone else does, it makes the notes sparkle and makes the amp more responsive.

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