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All you mothers better lock up your girls 'cause the Boogieman's back in town. The ALL-IN-ONE pedal featuring crunchy distortion, delay and tone controls. Outputs include a 1/4" and an XLR output. Power adapter is included.

The Boogieman is an ambitious pedal that features three of Lone Wolf's most popular circuits: the Harp Delay, Harp Break, and Harp Tone+. With this pedal, regardless if you are using a back-lined amp with the 1/4" output, or going straight into a PA with the XLR output, a player can be confident they will be able to dial in not just a good tone, but a downright scary good tone. The pedal measures 5.71 X 3.74 X 1.77 inches.

An 18Vdc power adapter, is included for US customers only.  Current draw is 65ma.


  1. Harp Tone+ effect with TREBLE and BASS controls
  2. Harp Break effect with DRIVE control for overdrive
  3. Harp Delay effect with BLEND, REPEATS, and DELAY controls
  4. VOLUME control
  5. Independent bypass switch for Harp Break and Harp Delay
  6. High impedance buffered input
  7. High and low impedance outputs
  8. Bypass ON/OFF LED for Harp Break and Harp Delay
  9. Included 18V power adapter
  10. 10 year warranty on parts and labor
  11. If not satisfied, return within 60 days for a refund
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Mark L.
United States

Sounded awesome! But it did hum through my amp.

The sound was awesome! Just what I had hoped for. It did hum when I went through my Kalamazoo Model 2 amp and through my PA at home. It did not hum on the PA in the commercial rehearsal i practice at… grounding issue? Why did it him through my amp on the commercial setting?

Ethan A.
Canada Canada

So far, so great!

I’ve played a couple gigs now with my new Boogieman and am dialling it in to where I want it. I do like the quality of the break and the tone boost to the bottom end. This 3-in-1 pedal doesn’t have the same range of delay options that I enjoy on a competitor’s product which is specific to delay - which I like to use sparingly for original and cover tunes more in the roots, rock and pop genres - but when I'm playing strictly blues I don’t really need more than this pedal. The next test of the Boogieman will be when I’m back touring in Europe in May and playing through various backline amps, and possibly straight to a board in some situations. But so far, so great! Thanks Randy & team. - Ethan “Shorty” Askey

Hubert G.
Canada Canada


J’adore . J’apprends encore à m’en servir . J’aimerais avoir une suggestion pour compléter et améliorer mon son encore et encore ?

John D.
United States United States

John DeRenzis Boogieman Pedal

So far Excellent Product, and still BEST Customer Service (as it has always been!)!!!

Eric C.
United States United States

Great pedal, better customer service!

The pedal sounds great, though we had to have some help getting it dialed in. That’s where arandy came in. He was very responsive and helped us to realize we were using the wrong cable/connectors from the mic and helped us select the proper connectors. After that, the pedal sings!

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