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ll you mothers better lock up your girls 'cause the Boogieman's back in town. The ALL-IN-ONE pedal featuring crunchy distortion, delay and tone controls. Outputs include a 1/4" and an XLR output. Power adapter is included.

The Boogieman is an ambitious pedal that features three of Lone Wolf's most popular circuits: the Harp Delay, Harp Break, and Harp Tone+. With this pedal, regardless if you are using a back-lined amp with the 1/4" output, or going straight into a PA with the XLR output, a player can be confident they will be able to dial in not just a good tone, but a downright scary good tone. The pedal measures 5.71 X 3.74 X 1.77 inches.

An 18V dc power adapter is included.


  1. Harp Tone+ effect with TREBLE and BASS controls
  2. Harp Break effect with DRIVE control for overdrive
  3. Harp Delay effect with BLEND, REPEATS, and DELAY controls
  4. VOLUME control
  5. Independent bypass switch for Harp Break and Harp Delay
  6. High impedance buffered input
  7. High and low impedance outputs
  8. Bypass ON/OFF LED for Harp Break and Harp Delay
  9. Included 18V power adapter
  10. 10 year warranty on parts and labor
  11. If not satisfied, return within 60 days for a refund
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Robert S.
United States

Harp Heaven!

World Class Product and World Class Company! Clean signal path and gritty blues tone! Randy truly stands behind his products and takes care of the customer! The Boogieman makes my harps sound better than they should but I'm not complaining!

Bob Y.
United States United States

It's IT

I'm a sometimes harp player on a budget. I've tried all kinds of things to get a sound reminiscent of Chicago Blues harp players using the tools I already have... but it was just overly-complicated and only worked sometimes. I wanted something professional that I could count on... and finally ran into enough money to give the Boogieman a shot. It is as advertised. My lead guitarist buddy brought over some different guitar tube amps to test it out with. We also tried it straight and clean to a mixer/speaker combo. I have to say that, while the tube amps added some grit to it, it wasn't essential for what we were looking for; the Boogieman alone provided the range of tone I hoped for. Last Friday we tried it for the first time at a gig. This place has a professional sound system and sound man, so we just show up, set up, and play. The sound guy simply connected the XLR output and we were DONE. Well.. MOSTLY done... I know the sound guy must have changed some settings throughout the night because each time I used it (which was scattered over four hours), I did get a different response (and sometimes that godawful feedback), but I worked through it. I think one thing that might help my setup is having a compressor/limiter applied after the Boogieman somewhere. in the signal chain. Then I could use the volume knob on my Peavey harp mic the way a guitarist would to increase or decrease distortion without a significant loss of volume. But I'm new to this and just trying to figure it all out. But as far as I'm concerned, this pedal is EXACTLY what I expected and I'm very happy with the purchase. :)

Prakash (.
United States United States

Boogieman pedal

Best purchase ever,n been playing through this thing for years now.Been playing mostly jams and it is indispensable if you want to have any control over your sound.At jams you never have time to dial in your sound and at times no mercy is shown to harp players by either the sound guy or the other musicians.It is easy to use and plug right in to the PA.Almost doesn't matter what the audio set up is,you can still manage a great sound/volume with this rig,highly recommended for any jam harp player or if you are tired of logging your amp around. On top of that Randy at Lone Wolf Blues Company delivers the best customer service anyone could ask for,is knowledgeable as can be and actually cares (a lot ) !!! Best purchase ever,highly recommended !!!!!!!

James M.
United States United States

Killer tone in a box that goes anywhere.

This pedal is amazing. I purchased it so that I could bring it to open jams and go straight into the PA. Usually at the jams I attend I have to play through a vocal mic and harp sounds horrible. Not so anymore! Now I plug in the boogieman and I have killer tone. Thank you for creating this fantastic pedal.

Clarke C.
United States United States

Boogieman Boogies,

I plug straight into the PA. How simple I that

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