Harp Train 10 Blemished

Unfortunately our last shipment of amps came in with light stains on the Tolex, as a result we are offering them at an additional discount. That is $139 off the regular price. Images shown are examples of the stains.

Harp Train 10 amplifiers with minor visual imperfections such as light stains, scratches and tolex folding errors. They carry the same satisfaction guarantee and warranty.

The Harp Train 10 is a 10 watt amp that drives a 10 inch speaker and is designed for harp. The amp is a singled-ended design and utilizes a 12AX7 preamp and a 6L6GC power tube and a dust cover is included. The Lone Wolf Blues Co speaker offers early breakup and dark vintage tone, when more mids and cut are desired we offer a great selection of Weber speakers as an option.


Price: $300.00


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