Helmut Wiegand from Germany:
"I built the LW 6L6SE Harmonica Amp twice! First time was right after I saw the schematic (long before the introduction was available). It turned out great!! It looks like a small Masco Head (ME-8). I built it from the scratch with a Hammond 1441 chassis (black steel, 10 X 6 X 2). It fits a little bit tight, but I think it's better to have short wire links. Iron is Hammond, too. They're easy to get in Germany and I like the quality. Funny, I use a smaller OT than advised in your construction manual. Hammond 125 DSE instead of 125 ESE (Weber cloned it as WSE), but the amp sounds fantastic. The second Amp, which I finished a week ago, has the WSE15 OT. Both amps sound very good. The amp with Weber OT produces a little bit more bass. The other with Hammond OT sounds a little bit more aggressive. It's just a matter of taste..."
-Kind regards, Helmut

Helmut Wiegand -  Sound Sample
"I used a Jensen C8R, 4 Ohm in a single speaker cabinet. Mic was a Astatic Velvet Voice (S200) with crystal element - same as JT30!"



Noam Cohens:
"I enjoy the amp and appreciate that you made it possible."

Len Sherman:
Len's build is a work of art.


Michael Driggs:
Michael has done a great job on his first build.


Mike Anderson:
Mike went with a head version for his amp and had this to say:
"Randy's 6L6SE was my first build from scratch, it sounds FANTASTIC, the diagram and schematic were easy to follow. Randy knows his stuff and is a super nice guy to deal with. I am waiting on 6L6PP project, hint hint, Randy."
-All the best thanks, Mike


Forum member Muzza:
"I can't begin to tell you how much I'm loving this amp. It's given my harp playing a whole new lease of life and a MASSIVE injection of enthusiasm!"


Tony Rain:
Tony did a great job on this build.


Forum member Scoltx built this snake skin tolex amp.


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