Harp Train 10
Harp Train 10
Harp Train 10
Harp Train 10
Harp Train 10

Harp Train 10

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Unfortunately our last shipment of amps came in with light stains on the Tolex, as a result we are offering them at a discount. The sale prices reflects a discount of $139. Images shown are examples of the stains.

The Harp Train 10 is a 10 watt amp that drives a 10 inch speaker and is designed for harp. The amp is a singled-ended design and utilizes a 12AX7 preamp and a 6L6GC power tube. This amplifier offers plenty of overdrive, rich vintage tone and more than enough bottom punch. A dust cover is included.

The Harp Train 10 was inspired by a desire to offer a true harp amp for the masses, an affordable amplifier that is voiced for harp and provides the gritty, compressed tone harp player's love. At the heart of the amplifier is the BALLS circuit, a truly unique circuit not found in any other amplifier. This circuit replaces a traditional tone circuit, providing a boost to the bass and lower mid-range frequencies. The increase in this frequency spectrum allows for the balancing of frequencies within the spectrum of the harmonica; you can have the bottom fatness you desire without limiting your tonal range.

The first stage of the 12AX7 preamp tube drives the BALLS circuit and the second stage drives the 6L6 power tube set to 10 watts. The power section drives the proprietary 10-inch speaker with a 20-ounce magnet and a 1 ½-inch voice coil. This speaker is loud and produces serious vintage tone. Probably the loudest small amp on the market, the Harp Train 10 also features a LINE OUT jack to run the amp through a PA.

The rectifier is solid state, which reduces heat and improves an amplifier's response over a vacuum tube rectifier. This amp does not have an over sized output transformer like other harp amps. Why you may ask? Take a look at any vintage amp, and you will see an output transformer designed for the load and not over designed. The output transformer is a critical component to the tone the amp produces, and our transformer is selected to optimize vintage tone. Controls are simple, LOUDNESS and BALLS, or you could say volume and bass boost.

Although this is a small and inexpensive amplifier, do not think for a minute this amp is just for beginners. The tone produced by the Harp Train 10 is studio quality; and using the LINE OUT feature into a PA, you can play any venue. The Harp Train 10 is not an amp you will outgrow. This amp is affordable enough to buy two, and by using The Terminator to split the signal, you can produce stereo sound on stage and double your projected sound. The amp weighs 22 lb and measures 10" deep, 15" wide, and 15" tall.

Truly a unique harp amp, it provides a punchy, fat, vintage tone while being the most affordable harp-specific amplifier on the market. The Harp Train 10 is made in China and backed by the best warranty on the market, covering parts and labor for 1 year. In addition to our industry-leading warranty, you also receive a 14-day 100%-satisfaction guarantee. The amplifer is designed by Randy Landry of Lone Wolf Blues Co and production is in partnership with Peter Blyth of Harmonicas Direct. All European interest in Harp Train amplifiers should be directed to Peter, Peter can be reached by email or visit the Harmonicas Direct web site.

Shipping will be UPS Ground, shipping size is: Weight 26 lb, Depth 16", Width 23", Height 19" (measurements of the box, not the actual amp itself). We ship from Zip Code 70403 and you can calculate shipping here.

10 Watts of Fat 6L6 Over driven Tone
Single Ended Class A Design
Improved Feedback Reduction
BALLS Circuit
Line Out Jack
Voiced for Harmonica
Preamp Gain Set for Harmonica
Solid State Rectifier
10" Speaker by Lone Wolf Blues Co
Plywood Cabinet
Dust Cover Included

We offer an industry leading 1 Year parts and labor warranty on manufacturing defects and part failure.


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Kevin V.
United States United States
Harp train

Apologize for not getting back to you sooner , Harp train is an amazing amp & the tone & volume are second to none ! & With harp break pedal , I don't knw wat more ah harp player could ask for ! ! Also at an amazing price ! Thks for all you do for the harp player , Thks kevin . . .

Dennis S.
United States United States
Lone Wolf Got It Right

For the last few years I have been disappointed with the lack of affordable amps available for harp players. I was thinking about finding a amp head powered by 6L6 tubes and running it through a cab with 8 or 10 inch speakers. I had communicated with before about pedals but when I saw the Harp Train 10 and listened to the demo I realized Randy had already designed what I was looking for. The amp is built like a tank and you can't beat the price. All the staff at Lone Wolf are a pleasure to deal with as well. Thanks for a very pleasant buying experience. Dennis Smith

danny h.
United States United States
received none working, review later please

had to return and will submit review later please...

Charles M.
United States United States
Best Harmonica Amp under $800!

I’ve used a Fender blues jr for years! This amp sounds so much better with all 5 of my harmonica microphones. Very quiet, no hiss, no hum. Built solid and came with a wonderful cover. Lone Wolf blues and Randy get an A+!

The Lone Wolf Harp Train 10 Amplifier

The Lone Wolf Harp Train 10 Amplifier

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