Battle Creek Blues

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Battle Creek Blues

Postby Bosco » Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:04 am

Hello all-

Jeff (Bosco) Bobrofsky here from Battle Creek Michigan.

Been harpin' for 40 years although only the last 20 playing amplified and performing in bands. Just ordered the Harp Delay and Harp Break today, can't wait to get them !!! I currently play in a 7 piece regional band, the Bosco Gee Blues Band, that is really turning some heads so I figured it was time to reinvest in my gear and take my playing to another level. I had crossed paths with Randy years ago on another harp forum-

Because this is such a specialized site, it looks like you only get a new member every couple months. Hope at least the moderators are checking in.


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Re: Battle Creek Blues

Postby T-Bone Bruce » Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:45 am

Hi Bosco, and welcome. Thought I recognised the name from the Big Road Blues forum.
Hey, it's smaller here and might not be as busy, but it's a great forum.
Enjoy your Harp Delay and Harp Break when they arrive!
What on earth was I thinking when I played THAT?
T-Bone Bruce
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Re: Battle Creek Blues

Postby Bosco » Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:25 am


Thanks for the welcome and I thought you might be the same T-Bone from BigRoad as well! I kinda gave up on that forum a couple calendars back, it changed so much over the years. It was a riot in the early years when Brian "Doc" Robertson started it and it was still the forum for We had weekly live Sunday night chats that were so incredibly entertaining that you had to get there early just to get into the chat room! Then Doc sold the site to Pappy who was running Coast2Coast music out east and the vibe, moderators and software changed. Shortly after that some hillbilly named Grady started to throw his weight (read: ignorance) around and ran BluesWriter off. BW was the heart and soul of that forum with his considerable blues knowledge, insight and CD reviews, not to mention the ongoing Blues Trivia game. The place was never quite the same after that.

I met a lot of good folks there that I still stay in touch with though. Just hooked up with Doc Williamson at his Open Mic down in Florida over the Christmas Holiday and Richochet, HashTaff, HounDog, Andy Kirkham and several others are Facebook friends of mine.

Looking forward to some pointers when I get my gear!

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Re: Battle Creek Blues

Postby stokeblues » Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:45 pm

hiya Jeff,glad someones knocked me of the top of the welcome list,i've got the break and then i brought the tone and octave! Can't decide which i like best,there just so good! will be good to hear your take on the pedals and whot amp and mic do you use whith them,any how welcome ! from mark
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Re: Battle Creek Blues

Postby harmonica1cat » Wed Jul 04, 2012 4:30 pm

Hey Bosco met you at Green Door in Lansing, thought you guys had won the brawl, sounded great. I live in Ionia, mi and have put together a band "Crispy Bacon" Blues with a flavor:)

Hope fully we will cross paths sometime & trade some harp tricks. I have a delay 2 & harp attack pedal & like them both.
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Re: Battle Creek Blues

Postby Bosco » Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:01 am

Howdy gents-

Been busy with life but thought I'd check back in on the site.

Absolutely love my LW Delay and LW Break pedals. They are supreme at fighting feedback and I rarely have a problem with that. My buddy helped me modify a small aluminum case into a pedal board, it's the mutt's nuts for a traveling musician. Just unpin the top, plug in and play. I'll post some pics of it when I get a chance.

My band has been kicking ass and taking names. We just returned from Memphis where we competed in the IBC (International Blues Challenge). Harmonica1cat, we thought we won the CABS brawl too, but we just went to Kalamazoo (KVBA) and won that one instead. Alas the competition was fierce and we didn't make the finals but it was a wonderful experience. Cheers to all and hopefully talk soon-

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