Hello from Outside Boston

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Hello from Outside Boston

Postby jhallc » Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:42 am

I'm Jhallc and I'm not sure how I found my way here ( a lot of links and google searching) but, I'm glad I did.

I've been playing harp since high school (30 years ago) and I've been at it to varying degrees since then. Ten years in a band (gave it up), twenty years of wife and family (still have 'em) and now I'd like to get back to playing with folks.

Sold most of my amps (don't ask) when I built my house but, kept my 70's SiIverface Fender Champ and Mic's (Shure 520D, JT-30, and Turner Crystal 33x). The Champ's a lot of fun to play but, it doesn't have the range I prefer.

I liked what I heard about the Epiphone Valve Jr. half stack (12" Eminence) from folks on this board and picked one up. I just got a Tone+ to go along with a MXR Carbon Copy Delay which I had already. So that's were I'm at. Looking forward to learning more from the folks here at the forum.

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Re: Hello from Outside Boston

Postby arnenym » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:03 pm

Welcome on board Jhallc. :D
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Re: Hello from Outside Boston

Postby Stephen S » Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:16 pm

Howdy, Jhallc. It may be redundant, and a digression on this board, but I tried a bunch of preamp tubes in the half-stack in the "Kirby@Robinhood" video, several 12AX7s, vintage 5751, AT, AY, AV, and 12DW7, and still felt the superior tube there was the current Sovtek 5751, which was odd because normally I don't like that tube for harp--it's not the same as a vintage 5751 at all. Has the virtue of being cheaper than NOS. Brand of main tube, I think I only tried a used RCA and it was not better at the stock bias, anyway; stock main tube seemed fine.

So run a Sovtek 5751. Stand near the amp to set the bass knob on the Tone+, as close as you would be when playing; turn the amp & mic up all the way to performance levels, and bring the bass knob up to where you get bass feedback when the mic's cupped up, then back it off a little. IIRC you'll hit the feedback point before the bass muddies up on that amp, but that's the other maximum point you watch for with the Tone+ or an amp's bass knob: sometimes bass will stop increasing at a point and become less defined, and so you turn it down just below the point where it stopped getting better.

You can tweak the highs via Tone+ on the half stack if you want to, but I just left them alone. The Tone+ level can actually be clicked up to max with the Valve Jr., front end of the head is stiff enough to handle a bigger signal, and IIRC I'm doing that in the video to get a touch more stage volume. The main stage is still going to saturate at a certain point and that's likely to set the ceiling for total output--it won't get any louder past that point on the volume knob, just more overdriven--but I think the half-stack gets a gratifying amount of stage volume with the stock speaker, compared to a Blues Jr. or a tweed Deluxe or other common single 12" amp, especially when cost is factored into the equation. A vintage 520D ought to be really good thru that pedal/amp combo. Adding delay tends to bring feedback in a little sooner with any rig, but is one of those things we just deal with if we like the tone better. With the Tone+ in front of your delay, you're free to turn the delay on and off without its bypass mode screwing up the tone and level.

That half stack in the video was borrowed, and I thought that if it were mine, I would add a line out jack on the speaker cabinet, build the lineout into there instead of the head, and that would be an excellent rig to just get out & play out with, as small-to-midsize amps go, for the money. Has a good amount of stage volume for a single 12" amp, and an overdriven EL84 is the kind of tube tone that sounds good lined out to the house.

Around the home, click the level knob on the Tone+ down a few notches, and you can still get the overdriven sound at a quieter level, if you want to continue to keep that family :wink:
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Re: Hello from Outside Boston

Postby T-Bone Bruce » Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:38 pm

Hi Jhallc, welcome to the forum...
What on earth was I thinking when I played THAT?
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