fantavox Pa3500 amp.

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fantavox Pa3500 amp.

Postby valvelover » Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:43 pm

Hi, having built and fixed transistor amps for years I've finally discovered the wonderful world of valves (tubes). I'm well aware of the risks involved and I've resurrected a couple so far, but I'm stuck for a schematic for a 1960s Fantavox PA3500 amplifier (4xEL84 + ECC83, EBC91 and ECC85). It works but has fairly low o/p unless I drive the input mic stages hard to distortion (the o/p stage seems ok as I can drive that with a separate preamp into the 'aux' input and I get plenty of good clean volume). I do need that circuit diagram though. Thanks folks.
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