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Re: seydel harps

Postby Boris_Plotnikov » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:15 pm

For me is opposit. I dislike tone, size and shape of Marine Band. When I played Hohner I prefered Golden Melodies and Special 20. In general I dislike side vents.
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Re: seydel harps

Postby RichPro » Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:37 pm

I bought my first Seydel Harp 16 months ago, a Seydel 1847 Noble. It is a beautiful harp, and definitely the one I prefer playing over all others (mainly Special 20s, but also Hohner Meisterclasse and some Lee Oskars). It's not cheap, but the tone is warm and pure and it is easy to play. I find the reeds can get jammed easily if I've been eating food, but it's easy to take apart and clean, and with lots of playing so far remains in tune.
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Re: seydel harps

Postby Harpriffer » Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:41 am

I too have had serious issues with the Seydel harmonicas. They were the 1847 Silvers, I bought 4 of them in different keys and I blew two of them within 6 months. They were the stainless reed variety.
They sounded really good out of the box. I've been playing for over 40 years and never had any harps die so quickly. I was very very disappointed.
I'll never buy another Seydel harp.
I tried a couple of Crossover harps and again, they sounded great out of the box but they too didn't last as long as I'd have hoped for, longer than the Seydel harps but not long enough.
I used to play Lee Oskar harps and got onto them in the mid to late 80's, I've seen some claims recently they were leaky and to be fair the reed plates are only held on at the rear of the plate with just 3 screws then the 2 cover plate screws, but I've got stock ones that will not only overblow but also overdraw so they can't be that leaky and at around US $40 here in Australia, they're a bargain.
You used to be able to buy the reed plates for a lot less than these days. No one else was selling reed plates in the 90's and one reason I never continued with Special 20's that were still nailed together. A few years ago I was told Hohner had got their act together. I'm not so sure.
I've still got 30 year old Lee Oskars that I'd be happy to gig with but these days I'm a Suzuki Manji user and have custom examples from Joe Spiers and Tom Hacheck.
I first tried the Seydels about 4 years ago. In that time I've done 4 Seydel Harps, 3 Crossovers, just the one Suzuki and zero Lee Oskars.
I play every day and gig and jam 3-4 days a week so play a lot.
I have a real issue with the Seydel claim they had at the time (don't know if they still use it) that their stainless reeds lasted 4 times longer than other reeds. Utter bollocks!
I buy my Manji's direct from Japan and land them for around US $36 - $45 depending on the key and the source, there are 20 keys and they go from a Lo C up to a high G. Seydels Classic 1847 go form a LLE up to a High A with 30 or 31 harps but are roughly double the price once you land them here in Australia.
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