Harp Train 10 delivers

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Harp Train 10 delivers

Postby harpdoodle » Thu Apr 04, 2019 1:06 am

Hi all
Just my tuppence worth.
I have played a Fender BluesJR with a Hohner BluesBlaster and a Shure Green Bullet the last 8 years.
My Lonewolf HarpBreak pedal made it work, sound wise.

A year ago I bought the HT10 and a custom Turner mic (mic came from The Harp Mic Shop) and WOW.
This mic and this amp just work so well together, I have had people come up after gigs and gush about how they felt the harmonica in their chests. This is without even using the HarpBreak pedal.

I use the line out to the PA .....I think I have just got lucky, a lucky match.
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